Monday, June 26, 2017

Vacation Rental Homes vs. Hotels

When you begin research for a trip or vacation, what is your first thought about lodging? If it's to look up the closest hotels near by, maybe it's time to re-think! Staying in a privately-owned vacation rental home vs. a hotel has many benefits. Whether its the privacy, flexibility or the desire to experience non-traditional lodging, rental homes are the way to go!

According to one article from Reunion Vacation Rentals, "Hotels can restrict where you can relax and it’s hard to shut the door to get a little quiet from the rest of the party. Reading a book before you go to sleep seems impossible with your children blaring the television watching the latest episode of their favorite show. Some hotels have options for joint suites for extra privacy, but if your hotel does not provide suites you are confined into one room without doors! If having some quiet time is important to you, take a peek at a vacation rental home."

If you are interested in learning more about our little piece of paradise in the woods, Leave No Trace Cabin, visit: or call (802) 674-6374 today! We are currently accepting bookings for late summer and fall. 

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