Monday, September 25, 2017

Plan Your Winter Vacations Now!!

Good afternoon all!

Fall foliage is upon us but it's time to start focusing on your upcoming winter vacation in Vermont! We love our winter enthusiasts whether you enjoy skiing, snow boarding, tubing or hiking on the snow-capped mountains, Vermont is the place to be this winter! Whether you believe or are a skeptic, we're still excited that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cold, snowy winter for New England! (Take a look here to read more!)

Leave No Trace Cabin is the perfect winter destination to enjoy the beautiful ski areas that Vermont has to offer while being able to cozy up and warm-up every night with all the conveniences you might need. Learn more about our winter 2018 available dates by visiting:

Monday, September 18, 2017

Harpoon Octoberfest Road Race, October 8th

As if you needed an excuse at all to visit Vermont in the fall, we have yet another exciting announcement! The Harpoon Brewery (located up the street from Leave No Trace Cabin in Windsor, Vermont) is going to be held Sunday October 8 2017!  This is one of many events that happen in the Fall in Vermont - bike rides and races on these challenging hills and back roads, all to benefit The Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center. What a great cause!

Currently registration is open for both competitors and volunteers. So even if you are not a cyclist yourself you can volunteer and share in a part of all the action! (And trust us, this is usually a very fun and exciting day!)  You can also take time to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage after the event at Leave No Trace Cabin. Currently, October 11th-20th is open and should be prime foliage! To learn more about other available dates and how to book visit:

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ascutney Mountain Bike Race Coming Up Sept. 24th! Stay at Leave No Trace!

Here at Leave No Trace Cabin we welcome visitors of all varieties! We especially love to help cater to our local and visiting cyclists who come in for the many races held in the surrounding areas. One of those such races is the Ascutney Mountain 25th Annual Vermont 50 Mountain Bike/Ultra-Run.

Folks from all over gather the last weekend of September every year to race this challenging and Vermont-Scenic Course. Racers can sign up for a 50 Mile Mtn Bike, 50 Mile Run, 50 K Run, Team Relay and a Free Kids Fun Race. The race starts and ends at Mount Ascutney Resort in Brownsville VT, less than a half hour away from Leave No Trace Cabin. Plus the best part is that race proceeds benefit Vermont Adaptive! (To learn more visit the event link here.)

If you are thinking of coming to visit or participate in this great race, we do have the last 2 weekends in September available. To learn more about Leave No Trace and other open dates, visit our website at:

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

10 Tips for Shooting Autumn Foliage

Are you a professional or amateur landscape photographer looking to expand your portfolio with some stunning fall foliage? If so, you're in luck! Leave No Trace Cabin in Hartland, Vermont has a few rental dates open in late September and October. You can come stay at the cabin and enjoy the gorgeous foliage that is right on the horizon!

If you are an amateur looking for some tips to take great fall foliage shots we are sharing this featured article from, to enhance your foliage photos and share some tricks of the trade:

If you want to book one of our available dates to come take foliage photos contact us today by visiting:

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Leave No Trace Cabin is the perfect winter destination to enjoy the beautiful areas that Vermont has to offer while being able to cozy up ev...